1. How to register on Rishta Dobara?

Registering on Rishta-Dobara is simple. Just fill the registration form on our Rishta-Dobara website and our team will call you to understand your profile and expectations. No need for any app install right-left swipes and unwanted chat requests. 

2. Do I have to login or download the app?

We have personalized services for Rishta-Dobara, you do not have to download any app or sign in to any application to check the profiles. We will send you hand-picked profiles based on your expectations.

3. Is there any restriction on who can register on Rishta Dobara?

Rishta-Dobara platform is created to keep only genuine profiles interested in second marriages. If you are Widowed, Divorced, Awaiting Divorce, Annulled, Single Parent, or an unmarried person ready to marry someone who is looking for second marriage then feel free to register on Rishta-Dobara. Make sure you are legally allowed to marry the second time. Our team may ask you to produce the relevant documents during registration

4. What services are included in the personalized package?

Package of Rishta-Dobara helps you register with us where we commit to provide you a fixed number of matching profiles based on your expectations and profile availability. The subscription validity is 3 & 6 months (Including your approval period). We do not help you in your matchmaking process beyond sharing the contact details of prospects and the initial introduction.

5. Are there any other charges after marriage finalization or during the process?

Apart from your personalized subscription fees, we won’t ask you for any additional charges for your personalized membership. Please make sure you are not sending any additional money after your subscription fees.

6. Is Rishta Dobara giving any commitment to fixing my marriage?

Rishta-Dobara is a matchmaking platform that helps you find your right match. We are bound to give you contact details of matching profiles from our available database but we don’t give any over-commitment of fixing your marriage through us. We want you to understand the prospects better and then decide if you want to marry the right match. We don’t interfere in your decisions.

7. Can I register for my friends, relatives, or siblings?

Yes, you can start the registration process for any of your friends, relatives, or siblings (after taking their consent) but we will need a counseling session (On Voice or Video call) with the candidate to understand their point of view & expectations.

8. Can I get a refund if I don't find the right match during my subscription?

Rishta-Dobara is a matchmaking platform that provides you matching profiles for matchmaking. Selecting or rejecting the provided matches depends on you but, we don’t provide any refund if you do not shortlist any match during your subscription period.  

If you have any queries, please contact us on +91 9172940404 or email us at support@rishtadobara.com